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How to distinguish between ceramic and bone China

  Ceramic is clay as main raw materials and various natural mineral after crushing mixing, molding and calcination of materials and a variety of products. Scientific name bone China is short for bone China, bone China, is the animals‘ bone coal, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw material, after high temperature, and low-temperature glaze burning fire burning in a porcelain. So ceramic and bone China which good? What is the difference between bone porcelain and ceramics?
  Weight: 1, the same shape of bone bone China porcelain and ceramics contrast is very light;
  2, colour and lustre: bone porcelain color jade jade, pottery and porcelain will be suffused with green color as shown in figure
  3, permeability: bone China transmission of light is very good as shown in figure
  4, good heat preservation, compared with the traditional porcelain, bone China better heat preservation sex and drink coffee or tea has better taste;
  5, durable, due to the bone China is different from ordinary porcelain ingredients, can do it more thin and tough wear-resisting, not easy to wear and tear, bone China at 180 ℃ and 20 ℃ water heat exchange a crack;
  6, high grade: bone China is currently the only recognized in the world of high-grade porcelain, both use and double the value of art, is the symbol of power and position, is called the king of porcelain, picture do bone China would seem to be very real, very clear
  7, listen to the voice: the bone porcelain plate in hand, heart with a pen or a small stick knock down bone bowls will issue such as bell sound like;
  8, select a larger bone bowls, pour about finger joints in the first quarter so much water, finger around water bowl, then makes a "squeak" sound resonance.
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