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How bone porcelain tableware cleaning and maintenance

  Bone China is very precious, very high-end varieties. A lot of people very glad because of the hand has a set of bone China tableware. But after bone China to buy home, how to do the cleaning and maintenance? How to make bone China keep it light?
  1. The choice of cleaning tools
  Some people often use dishwasher to clean bone porcelain, actually it is inappropriate to do so. Because bone China are very precious, dishwasher if taken, will cause damage to the bone China. The best method or hand wash, or with the hand holding a cloth for cleaning.
  2. The cleaning process matters needing attention
  Cleaning it is important to pay special attention to the bone China, avoid collision two bone porcelain, damage to the edge of the bone China. In addition, when cleaning will hold, avoid bone China fell on the ground, and broke. After cleaning, with dry dishcloth to clean the water above.
  3. Cleaning products: vinegar
  Some people often use bone porcelain cup, as we all know the things most likely to remain tea tea, tea is not easy to clean, so it‘s best in every day drink tea after cleaning in time, avoid the accumulation of tea. After a long time, can use vinegar to help clean, vinegar can easily dissolve tea, restore cups of bright and clean.
  4. Maintenance supplies: toothpaste
  In the process of using, inevitably some small damage to the bone China products, such as scratch, etc. Although these scratch very small, but also affect the overall appearance. For this kind of scratch, can use toothpaste to solve. Rub toothpaste where there is the scratch, then erase, Nick becomes not obvious, don‘t even see all look not to come out.
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