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Ceramic tableware buying guide, quick take a look

  Proverb cloud: the people-based, the food to Ann first ~ for the people, the most important is to live! Set his mind at to fill the stomach is king - but with the gradual improvement of the people‘s living standard, people from having only adequate food and clothing to start thinking about the problem ~
  Tableware for eating, but vital da ~ made of ceramic tableware, modelling changeable, not only appearance design change, feel is good, and more convenient to clean, be the first choice of the many families when buying tableware! So the question comes, what how to choose? Follow the below small make up take a look at ~
  1. Look for the legitimate business
  When the choose and buy must choose normal businessman, never bought the hawkers. Country has a regulation, ceramic tableware before leaving the factory should be soaked in 4% acetic acid solution, and tableware to the dissolution of lead content in less than 7 mg/l, cadmium dissolution amount to less than 0.5 mg/l ~ formal manufacturers generally conforms to the rules, hawkers can guess ~
  2. Take a look at
  In to observe when choosing ceramic colour, glaze even and delicate appearance design, rough better ~ you can not touch tableware surface or wall part, good quality ceramic general won‘t appear uneven granules.
  3. The smell
  You can smell the ceramic tableware, if there is peculiar smell, that just means more harmful elements tableware, don‘t buy small make up recommend is still relatively good ~
  4. To choose a
  Don‘t cry because it is the pursuit of beautiful, novel and buy some too bright-coloured ceramic tableware, to a large extent, the more bright-coloured color, glaze and the more heavy metal additives added, it will be easier to paint that endanger human body health.
  Small make up suggest to choose a few glair, under the glaze color process of ceramic tableware, more stringent production process, heavy metal content is not too much ~
  5. Use
  Before use boiling water can be used for the last 5 minutes, or use the vinegar soak a 2-3 minutes, so more conducive to dissolution of toxic elements
  Say so many, you will choose ceramic tableware?
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