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Chinese ceramic culture with the world trend

  Is driven by China‘s export boom in China, at the same time the spread of porcelain making technology and the exchange, rich full-bodied Oriental national beauty of Chinese porcelain, since the 7th century of the tang dynasty started exporting, heat quickly set off a Chinese porcelain in the countries all over the world. I just travelled to China trafficking China, however, often in short supply, so the world struggled to become more common, generic Chinese porcelain expand the influence of culture to the world.
  The earliest Chinese porcelain making technology is the spread of foreign varieties tang sancai pottery, many countries in the world is ever generic tang: such as Japan‘s nara three-color, it is associated with the regulations of Japan sent to China, they mainly learn advanced culture and art, the tang dynasty and at the same time a large number of students engaged in the specialized skill talented person, in China‘s major learning all kinds of handicraft production, spread to Japan after their graduation. At the same time, some regulations are directly hire craftsmen from China. Therefore nara significance not only in shape and tang sancai close, its color is also very close to the tang implements. Besides, there are ghost three-color and three-color, Egypt is by development on the basis of generic tang.
  Is the first countries to learn to make celadon technology north Korea. North Korea since late woosong age, celadon production have closely related to the five dynasties dynasty in our country, has been still close to the later era of Korea. In the kiln celadon enter north Korea at the same time, porcelain making technology are introduced, and the Korean craftsmen in learning, on the basis of successful fire koryo secret color porcelain in 918.
  Japan is influenced by Chinese porcelain making technology is very large, the earliest seto ancient kiln imitation of China‘s song dynasty black glaze tea light burning, then imitated celadon, burn success from the 14th century imitation, more absorption of longquan celadon on modelling style, glaze on purposely kept its verdant and powerful features. Now in Japan, still the continuation of the tradition of the Chinese song dynasty, tea culture and tea production.
  From around the world to the blue and white porcelain imitation to countries such as Turkey, Iran and Vietnam are the most outstanding. Close ties with Vietnam, since ancient times in China in the early 15th century, Vietnam hire Chinese ceramics mechanic teaching skill. Under the influence of porcelain making technology in China, Vietnam has fired a lot of blue and white porcelain with Chinese characteristics, especially in the late 14th century generic yuan blue and white, no matter the designs or very like, almost in yuan and Ming is difficult to distinguish.
  In the 7th century, a large number of export, China porcelain not only affordable, but also because of rich national characteristics of east China, not only can replace wood and expensive Jin Shuqi as daily boiler, at the same time also can be used as works of art, displayed in palaces, gardens, reveal its owner‘s identity. At that time, in the upper class in the countries all over the world, especially in the collection are proud of the Chinese porcelain, which is led to imitation of Chinese porcelain of important social and cultural background.
  The 18th century, a wave of china-craze Europe, Chinese porcelain, especially the blue and white porcelain, are popular in Europe people generally. Europe‘s royal family proud of Chinese porcelain collection at that time, the polish king John iii at villa slave ha palace, temple, dedicated to display Chinese blue and white porcelain. In Britain, the collection of Chinese porcelain, become popular a kind of aristocratic society ethos, the British queen, not only in the palace of ambry and furniture within the top, put a lot of Chinese porcelain, and also is more palace wall, ground adornment porcelain. The French king Louis xiv and his wife, because of China‘s favorite, and portraits of the couple to jingdezhen, fire on color porcelain...
  To meet demand, some countries in Europe have been setting up porcelain industry, generic Chinese porcelain, and made great achievements. Fake Chinese porcelain production in the Netherlands, blue porcelain, enjoys a high reputation in the world.
  Due to the world of Chinese porcelain, in order to adapt to the demand of the overseas market, traditional Chinese export porcelain style also change, all of these make Chinese porcelain in the world, under the background of imitation can still occupy the overseas markets. Countries in the world of generic Chinese porcelain, is also a kind of culture, because of this, with its unique glamour in one thousand to Chinese porcelain, always lead the world cultural trend.
  Throughout the export porcelain in the qing dynasty, its modelling, decorative design in a utensil penetrates the foreign fashion and culture, and at the same time, with the aid of export porcelain, also let overseas understand China‘s culture and development, the achievements of its export porcelain as beyond kiln porcelain
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